The law firm’s practice is focused on all areas of business and corporate interest, with relevant technical quality and commitment to punctuality and excellence.


Corporate operations

GNOR provides clients assistance in all areas of Corporate Law, including establishing corporations, negotiating partnership agreements, stock option plans, representation in assemblies and meetings, fusions, acquisitions, incorporations, corporate restructuring, joint ventures and buying and selling corporate shares.

Contracts and Agreements

GNOR provides clients assistance with the negotiation of contracts and structured operations, helping define the best legal design, choosing the most appropriate model of guarantees and penalties and solving controversies.


Tax Consulting Services

GNOR boasts a team of expert tax advisors, specializing in assessing the fiscal efficiency of corporate operations and business negotiations in general, and fully qualified to identify the best legal structure for clients’ businesses or unravel complex tax legislation issues.

Tax Litigations

GNOR staff includes specialized teams in judicial and administrative tax contention, including procuring clearance certifications and defending clients in foreclosure lawsuits in the Tax and Tribute Court (TIT), the Fiscal Resource Administrative Counsel (CARF) and other Federal and State Courts all over the country.


Labor Consulting Services

GNOR staff includes attorneys specializing in labor consulting services, with expertise in class action and union negotiations, contingency assessment and solving doubts regarding labor laws.

Labor Litigations

GNOR has teams specialized in labor litigations, with experience in Regional Labor Courts and the Supreme Labor Court.


Urban and Rural Property Consulting Services

GNOR provides customers assistance with lawsuits related to the incorporation of real estate ventures, the acquisition and sale of property, rural property regularization, enrollment in the Rural Environmental Database (CAR), INCRA and Land Institutes, assessment of dominial chains, quality of deeds and georeferencing, with experience in real estate registration bureaus all over the country.

Urban and Rural Real Estate Litigations

GNOR assists clients with claims related to demarcation and discrimination of areas, acquisition of property by usucaption, possessory lawsuits and misappropriations, with experience in federal and state Courts, including agrarian conflict judgeships, all over the country.


Judicial Litigations

GNOR advises clients with claims in all areas of Business Law, including dissolutions of partnerships, invalidating deliberations, liability of shareholders and administrators, bankruptcies and judicial recoveries, revision of contracts, debt collections and execution of liabilities.


GNOR assists clients in national and international arbitrations, from the negotiation of the best arbitral clause, including the choice of the arbitration chamber and the definition of procedural rules, to the defense of clients’ interests in disputes.